The Martinique Archives

The Departmental Archives of Martinique © CG972/Arch. Dép/G. Fidélin (Photo caption)

Archives and civics

The definition of archives, given by the French Heritage Code, stresses their dual character: necessary for the defence of citizens’ rights and the proper management of government departments, but also a source of evidence. Access to the archives is a guarantee of the transparency of government departments and of respect for the law. Today, improving the management and the preservation of public archives is part of the reform drive of the French government.
The archives are part of our heritage, in the same way as historical monuments and museum collections. They constitute a key source of our history. For these reasons, the preservation and presentation of our archives are a civic issue.


The archives as part of the project

Under the General Council, the management staff of the Martinique Archives is committed to presenting and making available this heritage using information and communication technologies. This project is an extension of the work done over the last few years under the digitalisation plan covering the restoration and the digitizing of several thousand documents.



The Martinique Archives

Direction des Archives départementales

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