The Cultural Affairs Department

The Cultural Affairs Department

The role of the Cultural Affairs Department is to identify, preserve and present all works that, from an artistic, historical or archaeological point of view, are part of our French national heritage. Its heritage archives in each region are made up of buildings, works of art, facilities, furniture, tools and objects that characterise the legacy of the past, even recent. They are the result of its research and documentation activities.
The Cultural Affairs Department has two complementary approaches: the identifying of works and their in-depth study. The results are recorded in computerised files (text, photographs and graphics) for the national databases of the French Ministry of Culture.
The public has access to this information through publications or by visiting one of our heritage documentation centres.
Finally, the Cultural Affairs Department develops, encourages and supports all efforts to increase knowledge of France’s heritage or to enhance it.
Studies on special topics are also undertaken in very varied fields (20th century architecture, social housing, industrial heritage, cockpits, etc.).



The role of the Martinique Regional Archaeology Department is to study, protect, preserve and promote the archaeological heritage of Martinique. Its main activities are to:

  • Ensure that the legislation and regulations regarding archaeological excavations and discoveries, the use of land and the sub-soil and the protection of archaeological remains are enforced;
  • Prepare an annual schedule of excavations and prospections following French national recommendations;
  • Organise, check and lead preventive archaeology operations made necessary by land development (surveys and excavations);
  • Manage the computer database of sites and excavations and all archaeological documentation;
  • Ensure that the results of research are published;
  • Monitor excavation storage units;
  • Coordinate archaeological activity in the region by undertaking promotion and information activities for the public.


Protection and preservation

The Cultural Affairs Department carries out all the activities necessary for the protection, preservation and enhancing of historical monuments. In conjunction with the prefect of Martinique, it appraises all proposals submitted under the law of 1913 on historical monuments to protect such monuments.


Saint-Louis Cathedral
Schœlcher Library
Saint-Pierre Cathedral

With regard to restoration activities, it prepares the technical, financial and legal aspects of restoration programmes for scheduled historical monuments (buildings, objects, organs, etc.). It organizes and monitors restoration work in liaison with the chief architects for historical monuments, architects from the Bâtiments de France, the historical monument inspectors and the curators of antiquities and works of art.
It authorizes, monitors and sometimes funds restoration work on monuments listed in the local historical monuments inventory.


Cultural Affairs Department

Direction des Affaires Culturelles

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