The General Council of Martinique

Since 2004, the cultural policy of the General Council has had eight major planks:

  • Fostering artistic and cultural creation and production in all disciplines and contributing to the professionalization of our artists
  • Contributing to a better dissemination of artistic and cultural productions by ensuring a geographical balance in cultural policies
  • Defending the Martinican identity and preserving Martinique’s cultural heritage as well as enhancing the image of Martinique
  • Making culture a real locomotive for the sustainable and cohesive development of Martinique 
  • Developing a scientific and technical culture
  • Improving communication on and the understanding and the effectiveness of the efforts of the General Council in the artistic and cultural fields
  • Developing the use of the new information and communication technologies
  • Favouring more participation and the emergence of new projects to encourage greater responsibility, social integration and employment for our youth.

The General Council decided to create the Martinique Heritage Database to further these ambitious objectives.

This portal presents the rich heritage of our towns and encourages local development.

Alongside the General Council of Martinique’s large-scale projects such as the building of outstanding facilities (the Atrium Cultural Centre, the future Regional Conservatoire for Music, Dance and Theatre), the dynamic management of its cultural and educational departments (the Martinique Archives, the Schœlcher Library, the cyberbase network) and the presentation of the Amerindian heritage of the Lesser Antilles (the Archaeology Museum’s MUCAPA project), the Martinique Heritage Database furthers its commitment to serving Martinican culture.