SIGMA and the Infrastructure and Water Department

Relief map of Martinique (SIGMA)

For several years, the General Council of Martinique has undertaken to provide Martinique with a geographical information system (SIGMA). This began in 1992 with the creation of the Martinique topographical database (BD TOPO), in collaboration with the French National Geographical Institute (IGN). Since then, SIGMA has been brought up to date and expanded with much new data and with the addition of various applications making it possible to:

  • Disseminate maps and edit site plans very simply using the Web,
  • Manage the digital land registry,
  • Acquire data in the field using GPS localization,
  • Ensure the computerized monitoring of work undertaken by the Infrastructure and Water Department using the relevant maps,
  • Manage and monitor General Council facilities threatened by natural hazards.

SIGMA covers the whole of Martinique and has been developed by the Infrastructure and Water Department of the Infrastructure, Water, Economic Affairs and Transport Division of the General Council of Martinique.

Scan 100 (IGN)
General Council facilities (SIGMA)

Given the added value contributed by the geographical component of a place or a fact, it was only natural that SIGMA be associated with such an ambitious project as the Martinique Heritage Database.



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