The BNPM for schools

The BNPM is particularly recommended for teaching history, art history and civic, legal and social education. It can also be used in French classes (old books, such as travel writing, or documents on Martinican writers).

The BNPM’s editorials can also be easily used by schools since they have a selected theme-based content and explanatory texts for the general public:

Teachers can also:


- Put together a resource pack using the research base

Some advice on how to do this:

  • Consult the resources heading to identify the documents available in the BNPM. For more information on searches, consult Aid/FAQ and Services/Students
  • Search using key words
  • Consult the list of results. You can streamline your search by type of resource. We recommend that you read the document descriptions and navigate in the data tree if there is one. Consulting higher level information (Click on ‘Summary’ at the top of the document description or on the highest level of the tree) supplies very important contextual information for understanding the possible educational uses of documents for history or art history
  • Select the best results and put them in your cart, which you can save for later use. (For that, you need to create a user account.)
  • Print or download the documents. Make sure that you use the document descriptions with the digital images to indicate, at least, titles, reference numbers (symbol, N°), where they are kept, authors and origins.
  • If there are conditions on use, contact the body where the document is kept, as mentioned in the description; they will be able to issue a free license. (For further information, consult the Legal Notice.) This applies even for use in class or for publication on an education authority’s site or on that of an educational establishment.

For more information on regulations governing the use of public data in France, consult the guide on the French Ministry of Culture’s web site:, and the tutorial:


- Make direct use of the BNPM in class (in the multimedia room of an educational establishment)

The preparation will be done following the method outlined above.

Use is however more flexible, for pupils can work directly on the documents on line and learn to do searches for themselves. Possible restrictions on use are removed.

The cultural and educational departments of the BNPM's partner institutions (For more information) are available to assist teachers with their resource packages. ‘Getting started’ workshops for the BNPM can be organized by the Martinique Archives.