Virtual exhibitions

Memories of food: food in Martinique from the 17th century to the 1980s

The Martinique Archives present a history of food in Martinique from the Amerindian period up to the early 1980s. Using archive documents and museum items, the aim is to show changes in the ingredients of an ethnically-mixed cuisine whose Amerindian heritage has been enriched through successive migrations (European, African and Indian): mapping of the ingredients, presentation of the preparation methods and the culinary setting. It is also a question of understanding the relation Martinicans have to food and eating, a real indicator of social class. As of the 18th century, there is a rationed diet for the slaves, a gastronomic cuisine, a veritable way of life, among the bourgeoisie, and plain dishes in the lower classes (from the second half of the 19th century). This relation to food changed very considerably during periods of scarcity, such as that experienced an tan Robè, and with the uniformity of eating habits dictated by the consumer society (from the 1980s on).

Martinican childhoods

This visit is based on an exhibition prepared in 2001 by the Martinique Archives on the history of childhood. It helps us to understand how children lived in Martinique from the middle of the 19th to the middle of the 20th centuries. Many topics are covered such as giving birth, the family, education and work.


Gauguin and Martinique: “In the country of the Creole gods”, 1887

The Martinique Archives invites you on a virtual journey to Martinique in the footsteps of Paul Gauguin.
This journey is possible thanks to an exhibition created in 2003 on the initiative of the Society of Friends of the Archives, the Martinique Archives and the Paul Gauguin Art Memorial, on the occasion of the centenary of Paul Gauguin’s death.
Design and texts: Dominique Taffin, with the participation of Maïotte Dauphite and Léo Elisabeth
Digitizing of the documents: Gil Pierre-Louis, the Martinique Archives workshop


History à la carte, 1528-1856

The maps presented in this exhibition come from the gift of the private collection of Mr. Jeffrey Bodington.
This American living in San Francisco fell in love with Martinique and came every year for more than ten years.
A collector of old maps, he decided at the start of the 21st century to pursue this interest by collecting maps of Martinique and Guadeloupe and of other islands in the archipelago.
This exceptional collection is composed of original maps from the 16th to the 19th centuries, including many rare items, and its comprehensive nature means that it completes the map collection already available in the Martinique Archives.
Through this gift, Mr Bodington has offered a real archival treasure to all those who are even remotely interested in the history of maps of the West Indies and notably in the history of Martinique.

This virtual exhibition has been taken from the website of the General Council of Martinique: "L’histoire à la carte, 1528-1856" (C) 2008 - Conseil général de la Martinique