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1; Contents

The Martinique Heritage Database (BNPM) ( is a portal giving access to documentary records on the cultural and historical heritage of Martinique backed up by the geographical information system of Martinique (SIGMA). Consequently, the BNPM holds data of diverse origins (local authorities, government departments, voluntary bodies, private individuals) that may be covered by rights of various types. In particular, the BNPM collects contributions (indexations, annotations) from users to improve our knowledge of Martinique’s cultural heritage.


2. Responsibility

The General Council of Martinique does everything to offer users content and tools whose accuracy is checked and regularly up-dated, but it cannot be held responsible for errors concerning the information available on the site, problems, damage or viruses occurring when consulting the site.

The General Council declines all responsibility concerning any inaccuracies, inexactitudes or omissions relating to information available on the site, and any damage resulting from the fraudulent intrusion of a third party leading to the modification of the information made available on the site.

It will not be held responsible for any damage, whether direct or indirect, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequences, resulting from the access of someone to the site or the impossibility of accessing it, or the use of the site and/or the credit given any information coming directly or indirectly from the latter.

The General Council reserves the right to correct the content of the site at any time and without notice.

If you wish to inform us of possible omissions, corrections or technical problems, please send us an e-mail (See Contacts).

The visitor is warned that it is up to him to counter-check information.

The user commits himself to not undertaking any operation that could jeopardise the proper functioning of the site, the information provided or the image of the General Council and its partners in this project. He also agrees to exercise great vigilance when using the information made available to him and to take all the proper precautions.


3. Intellectual property rights

This site is published by the General Council of Martinique and comes under the French Code of Intellectual Property Rights.
Some content and software used on the Martinique Heritage Database (BNPM) portal is covered by intellectual property rights and in particular by Articles L.112-2 and following and L.341-1 of the French Code of Intellectual Property Rights. All rights are reserved, including for documents that can be downloaded and for iconographic and photographic items.

All reproduction, representation, use, making available or modification, by whatever procedure, as well as all transfers to another site of all or part of the portal or of all or part of the different documents covered by literary and artistic property rights without having obtained the previous authorisation of the editor or the possible authors or their beneficiaries is strictly forbidden and constitutes forgery (Article L.335-2 and following of the French Code of Intellectual Property Rights). Only the strictly personal and private use is authorised.

Where the intellectual work belongs to the public domain, the title of the work, the name of its author and where it is kept should be indicated alongside the work itself.

Users who register for the indexing or participatory comments option shall cede to the General Council of Martinique free of charge representation and reproduction rights concerning the information they add to the data files, thereby authorizing the public dissemination of such information, in particular on the Internet or on written documents. This ceding does not allow the General Council to cede the rights in question to third parties.

4. Reusing public data

Unless stated otherwise, the documents and data available on the site and each of the items created for this site that are not covered by intellectual property rights are the property of the General Council of Martinique or the suppliers of the data. Any reuse can only be done with their previous authorization.


5. Hypertext links

The links present on the portal can send the reader to outside sites whose content the editors of the portal can in no way be liable for.
The creation of links to the portal is authorized subject to:

  • Explicitly stating ‘Portal Banque Numérique des Patrimoines Martiniquais’ as well as the source url
  • Indicating the creation of the link by email to:

Are excluded from this authorization all polemical, pornographic or xenophobic sites or vehicles and those that could jar the sensitivity of most people.


6. Respect for private life

The portal only collects identity and connexion data for information, communication and statistical analysis.
It strictly abides by the laws in force on the protection of private life and individual liberties. No personal information will be collected without the knowledge of the individual concerned. Named information is confidential data and is in no event divulged to any third party.

In line with Article 34 of the French Computing and Liberties Law of 6th January 1978, users have the right to access, change, rectify or remove data concerning them. To exercise this right, contact us by email or by letter (See Contact).


7. Statistical data and cookies

In order to improve the ergonomics, navigation and service for users, the statistical management tool of the site can stock information on users' profiles: date and time of connexion, navigation on the site, frequency of visits, etc. This information makes up a text file called a cookie that is completely anonymous, that contains neither name nor postal address nor email address nor telephone number nor any other name-related information.

This traffic data and the cookies files that we may use have as their sole aim to analyse traffic. Data concerning the navigation of visitors are not used in a name-related way; they are statistics.

We would remind you that you have in your navigator the possibility if you so desire of blocking the placing of cookies on your computer. You can also read the file, destroy it and in some conditions change it. It cannot contain any viruses nor be executed since it is not active.


8. Treatment of personal data

The treatment of personal data on users of the site collected from our portal abides by the requirements of the decision of the French National Informatics and Liberty Commission (CNIL) N° 2006-138 of 9th May 2006 to exempt from declaration processing done for the purposes of information or external communications (Waiver N°7).

Further, the treatment of data on deceased persons named in archive documents on line has been the subject of a declaration to the CNIL (Receipt of declaration N°1338933).

The General Council of Martinique reserves the right to modify this legal information to take into account changes in French legislation.